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Luke Johnson
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United Kingdom
Fantasy writer who also dabbles in SF and horror. Most of my stuff is set in one of a handful of continuities.
So, teddileah did one of these, and I figured... why not?

This all started, for me, somewhere unexpected: Minecraft.

I had a world I'd been playing in for a while, through a few updates (mostly because I'd found a naturally huge, flat region and wanted to terraform it into a town. I didn't get very far; eight houses-- plus a bigger one for myself-- a farm, and a mine). I ventured out in search of new chunks to explore some of the new features, and... well, I'd been reading a lot of H. P. Lovecraft at the time, and my brain combined the two in a way I basically had to write about.

From here I went through fanfiction to the Anthologyverse: an SF setting that was... merely okay, in hindsight; at any rate, it was missing everything that makes my current writing what it is.

And then... well, my friend MidnightSoiree mentioned paypal merchant accounts, which sorta triggered something in my brain.

I realised a group of travelling merchants would be a good way of showing off a fantasy setting, and as such set out to create... basically the opposite of the Anthologyverse: a world where I could write several stories that directly connect through characters and locations and events, rather than the several stories that share common themes but occur in different corners of a huge setting. A world where I could write interaction between different races, as opposed to my humans only (aside from the absent Memoriam and the incomprehensible Lucid) SF setting.

Hoo boy, did things spiral from there.

Oh, and I met a ton of great people along the way. teddileah and MidnightSoiree, who I've already mentioned; Leah stumbled across some of my original stuff and took the time to comment, whereas I met Shelby via her (well worth checking out) Yogscast fanart; TamaraKane, one of the first few people to read my fantasy writing and encourage me. And, indirectly, I found people like Ielemientje and lyneart12, who I first met elsewhere but sorta grew closer to on here.

Heck, at one point I briefly dated someone I met on here.

So, apparently I'm meant to include four pieces of artwork here. I'm gonna go with... well, sort of a 'leaps and bounds' group: the first story in my fantasy setting (which seemed long to me at the time-- 6,000 words is pretty short for me now, and there are chapters in my more recent work far longer), the first novelette I ever wrote (which, again, felt like a huge increase in word count at the time), the first novella I ever wrote (another seemingly impossible increase), and finally my first novel: it was only intended to be a novella, but it ended up being so much more.

Caravan, part 1: The First MonthThe streets of Sorvale were as busy as they ever were during the caravan season; merchants loading up wagons, those too young, too old or too sick to travel trying to make those last few sales to last them through the off season. The warm summer air was ripe with the natural musk of horses, tinted with the scent of alcohol. Away from the crowded main street, a smaller caravan prepared to set out for a tour of sales, a journey encompassing a multitude of kingdoms and races.
'Hey, Folvis, you planning on staying here?' A voice barked from within the cloth hood of the lead wagon. Taking a final look at the city, his gaze encompassing the other caravans, the stalls of the market square, and the distant mountains of the inner kingdom, A lone figure wearing a leather robe hopped up onto an awaiting wagon, which, moments later, started moving.
Day one.
As this tour of the realms looks to be an interesting one, I have elected to keep a journal over the coming weeks. The route of our merchan

22a: Forest of Dust, part 1Not a day passes when I don't wish Newcook Exploration didn't spend a little more money on cameras. I may well be standing on a ship half way across the galaxy, looking at another world, but I'm pretty sure the world doesn't look like that in person. The last few didn't look so blurry, at any rate.
'So, Rory,' said a voice behind me, 'What do you expect to find down there? Gold? Uranium? A lost Memoriam colony? Because from where I'm standing, it looks like nothing but clouds.'
'At least it has an atmosphere,' came another voice, this one feminine. 'It might just support life.'
'Keep dreaming, Anne,' replied the first voice.
'Well,' I said, 'we'll find out soon enough.'
'I wish I could go with you,' Anne said. Puzzled for a moment, I turned around, and it all came flooding back: she'd been caught in a rockslide on a high-gravity world, the last one we'd surveyed, and got away with nothing but a broken leg. All things considered, she was pretty lucky; there's not a single employee of Ne

Lost and Found, part 1The headquarters of the Historian's Guild looked plain as ever, Dhalroc Colfen thought. The smoothness of the grey walls was broken only by two brackets containing spheres of alchemical fire. To anyone else, these torches would be a welcome sight; to Dhalroc, however, they were a reminder of his last experience with such Alchemy. He unconsciously reached up, feeling his chest; it no longer hurt, but he couldn't bring himself to heal the burns, even though he knew more than enough healing Alchemy to do so. Sighing to himself and shouldering his pack, he stepped through the smooth stone door. The interior was much busier than the plain walls suggested: the foyer was constantly busy, historians scurrying around towards the archive rooms, and there always seemed to be at least three people at the main desk. For once, however, it was empty; the clerk behind it was absently toying with a quill. Dhalroc stepped up and cleared his throat.
'Oh, sorry;' the clerk said, 'I didn't see you there. D

Oh, and finally, something to show how far I've come, even since then: the first chapter of my third novel. (fun fact: The Road to Utopia, my second novel, happened entirely by accident. It was only meant to be a short story.)

The Road Less Taken, Chapter 1Sorvale looked its finest around this time of year, or so Oddi Tymor thought. Trade season was still about a month off, but as she walked through the winding streets breathing in the sweet scents of the early morning, it was clear to her that most of the city's merchants were preparing for it: everywhere she turned were salespeople stockpiling their wares, Alchemists and Sorcerers furiously Enchanting and Imbueing, tinkerers adjusting their creations and, scurrying between the stalls and stores, thieves and pickpockets. This year, however, she probably wouldn't be joining a caravan herself; it would be the first time she didn't travel during trade season since her apprenticeship as a Tinkerer, ten years ago.
'Now,' she murmured to herself, as she reached a junction. 'Which way here?'
'Where you headed, missy?' a young man asked from his storefront. Tymor recognised him as Folvis, an alchemist with a reputation for being a somewhat unscrupulous businessman. He wouldn't con a beggar out

I mean... holy crap. I've come a long way from a super-short minecraft/lovecraft fanfic in four parts.
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