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Fantasy writer who also dabbles in SF and horror. Most of my stuff is set in one of a handful of continuities.
So! It's high time I posted about everything going on right now.

In the Company of Nightmares and Whim are both coming along slowly; hopefully they'll both be done next year. The edited version of White Hart, on the other hand, is already done, and available in .docx and kindle-compatible .mobi format:

The edit adds... a lot. Basically every member of the main cast gets something, whether it's depth (in the case of characters like Dalach and Oedfel) or a new character arc (in the case of characters like Giatros). Tanlin, the protagonist, gets all that and more-- basically every aspect of her has been added to in some way, and her relationship with her father is given a lot more focus. All told, it's 30,000 words longer than the first draft (available on here), and much, much better.

I've started work on assorted stuff for christmas, too; I'll definitely be posting at least four stories (Meeting the Neighbours, Suture, Swarm Season and Fixed Background), and I might be posting up to 3 more (Draco Removals and two with no title yet) if I get them done on time.

As far as actually working on stuff goes, christmas presents are currently taking my afternoon slot; once they're done, I'll switch back over to working on Whim. ITCON is, as always, an evening project. Right now I'm not actually editing anything, mostly because both volumes of short fiction in need of editing contain some very recent stuff, and I want to approach it from fresh rather than remembering all the details.

Volume 3 of the fantasy stuff will be called Always Moving Forwards; volume 1 of misc will be Tales from Dead Worlds (and will contain edits of my recent non-fantasy stuff, along with anything from the old Anthologyverse deemed worth salvaging-- including a few stories that have never been posted anywhere). Odds are my eventual second volume of misc fiction will contain mostly stuff from the Murphyverse, a setting I've been working on as of lately.

Actually, have a brief extract from Suture, the longest story (so far) in that setting:

'Whatever happened to the good old days, when they'd conveniently show up one at a time and wait for someone to show up and fight them before rushing the planet?' Caliban asked, standing up and rummaging through his wallet. 'I mean, is that really too much to ask?'

He set down several coins on the table, none of which were from Ysroc's own currency-- mostly because after only a year of circulation the Ysroc dollar had become overinflated to the point of uselessness (the end result of appointing a minister of finances who didn't actually know how money worked-- rather than going with the more traditional kind, who usually knew how to make money work for them and nobody else).

'Where'd you get euros from?' Oswego asked, surprised. 'They've been pretty rare since mainland europe went up in smoke.' This had happened half a decade ago: the European Space Agency had found the plans for a new kind of propulsion system in the Compendium, built it, and launched a test rocket that utilised it.

Moments before everything between France and Ukraine was atomised, they realised they had installed it upside down.

Caliban shrugged. 'I've no idea. Anyway, this lot enough to cover my tab?'
'Almost,' Os said. 'You still owe me for the glass-- so don't die out there.'
'Deal,' Caliban called, as he left the Well.

So, that's about it for this whole thing, I guess. Expect the usual mountain of stuff around christmas, and basically nothing at all until then.
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